With Windows

If you have are running your applications and servers over Windows we encourage you to use NXLog as a log shipper.

This log shipper sends all the system events available on your servers but the integration also explains how to stream your own log files to Logmatic.io.

NXLog setup

The NXLog setup page

The NXLog setup page

Just follow the instructions. The configuration provided in the setup page is generated with your api keys so you just have to copy-paste it in the write files and restart the service.

Install infrastructure dashboard

Once setup-ed, we encourage you to install the associated infrastructure integration. By doing so, you'll have a dashboard where you'll be able to monitor and investigate logs coming from all your hosts, applications by severity levels.

Infrastructure dashboard

Infrastructure dashboard

At this stage - if not already done - you should probably plug and configure Logmatic.io for some of your applications or HTTP server.

What's next ?

You want more details? We suggest you to read the following articles:

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