We care about security. This is a non exhaustive list of security policies applied to the Log Management service. If you need more details to run this service we have the ability to provide more details, so please contact us.

Cloud Infrastructure Data Protection & Security Assurance's Cloud infrastructure entirely runs over Microsoft Azure (North Europe region). This service has obtained leading industry certifications. By running our application in an industry-certified environment we are able to provide a higher level of security as well as a worldwide service.
Please check the following page concerning certifications:

Web application integrity

All HTTP requests are redirected to HTTPS. This ensures the integrity of's web application by using SLL authentication between users and's web interface.

Sending data through TLS / SSL

We offer to our customers TCP SSL and HTTP/S endpoints that both use Secure Socket Layer (SSL). Users can then decide to download provided certificate and enable a secure channel between there servers and's service.