Getting started with

This page explains how to start your platform as well as the main concepts of

Whatever the language or stack, staging or prod, front to back, federates all your logs and metrics right into your browser. Give your teams crazy fast insights into what's happening right now!

Through this getting started step-by-step guide we will lead you from the most basic actions such as creating your platform, to the main concepts as well as managing your platform.

1. Sign up to your free account

To provision your platform please go and register yourself on's signup page.

Signup there!

Signup there!

Once registered, you will receive an email to connect to your platform. Click on the registration link, define your password and you will then get directed to on-boarding sequence for your first session.

2. Configure your environment easily with integrations

After a few screens you will be lead to the following integrations page:

Integrations page

Integrations page

On clicking on an integration that corresponds to your configuration, you'll get an explanation about how to setup your environment and your platform will get configured automatically.