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If you want to create a new Fields Metrics Tagset or Groups please click on the configure button on the side menu, and then on + New Field, + New Metric +New Tagset or + New Group

Fields & Metrics panel

Fields & Metrics panel


A Field is a dimension defined analytical or filtering purposes. It contains values extracted from raw attributes.

A field helps you to break down your datasets over user(s) or appname(s) while metrics provide aggregated information like Count, Memory usage, etc...

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A metric is a numerical value associated to an aggregation method. It can be aggregated in a widget

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Tag & Tag Set

Contrary to values which are directly extracted from existing attributes, a tag is applied to a log if a provided boolean query matches this log. In tags are regrouped in Tag sets.

A Tag in a Tag Set is just a way to quickly retrieve important subsets in your logs. So you won't have to enter complex search queries all the time.

Tag Sets are also very useful to create meaningful groups which can be used in any analytical view (eg URL groups, Machine groups, environments, response time buckets, etc....).

From the analytical point of view: Fields and Tag sets look like the same in the exploration view. But differences in their implementation allow you to enrich your logs in the best way that fit your needs.

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A group is a set of Fields, Tag Sets and Metrics. It helps the user to quickly find the Fields & Metrics of interest depending on what is the current focus.

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Fields & metrics

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