Enrichment & Parsing

In order to extract more value from your logs you can fine tune logmatic.io to parse and process your data exactly as you see fit

If you need to impact the way your data is ingested into logmatic.io please click on the configure button on the side menu, and then on Enrichment & Parsing:

Enrichment & Parsing view

Enrichment & Parsing view

This panel contain 3 main tab:

  • Parsing: When you log format isn't standard or doesn't belong to the provided parsing library, you can define your own parsing rules. Input parsers are applied on every log entry that is submitted to Logmatic.io.

  • Pipeline : A pipeline is a set of processors used to Enrich your data already in a JSON format

  • Typing: Typing rules let you decide once and for all the expected type for a given attribute.


Installing an Integration will set the corresponding parser / pipeline and typing in the Enrichment & Parsing section.

What's next ?

Learn more about all the sub-section of Enrichment & Parsing:

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